Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today E. was helping Owen with his phonics lessons. He was learning the "j" sound and was supposed to draw pictures of things that started with "j" for a juggler to juggle. He drew a picture of a jar-good so far-and then drew a picture of a man. E said "Hey, man doesn't start with "j"." O. said, "He's a jerk."

S. got her first cat call walking to the grocery store the other day. She was so shocked I thought she was a gonna lose her eyeballs. Guess now we have to cover "toss your head and look the other way" 101. Funny the wide breadth of subjects we moms have to cover. : )


Amy said...

He's a jerk! That is too funny.

I'll die when any of my daughter get a cat call. We spent the morning explaining to my dad why the girls won't be allowed to "date." That was fun.

kerri @ gladoil said...

Your dad disagreed with you?

I grew up in your town. We couldn't walk 50 ft w/out a cat call. The migrant workers and the machismo factor were so big there. I wonder if it is still as bad.

I've been thinking how the topic of handling a clan of rougish boys and a suspicious dog are rather the same. You know, "cross the street, don't show fear, don't make eye contact, walk briskly but don't run.." S. has to walk past a parking lot by our house that is at times rather full of boisterish teenage boys and she just hates it.

kerri @ gladoil said...

boisterish. I'm sure that's a word, right?

I meant boisterous, though.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh poor s. Well I suppose she better get used to it.

I was with wendy going into Fred Meyer when she was about 16. I was lagging behind and this guy held the door open for Wendy then told her she was pretty and asked if she wanted to go out the following weekend.

Wendy looks over her shoulder at me. I had caught up by then and the man looks at me and says, "I was just asking your friend here for a date." He stuck out his hand to shake mine and I said,"so how old are you?" He says, "Thirty." I said, "Well my daugher is only 16 and the answer is NO she cannot go on a date with you!"

Boy did he began to scrape his feet; giving a half bow he says, " I beg your pardon mam. I had no idea she was your daughter or that she was 16. I would never ask a 16 year old out!"

He kept apologizing till I said, "Well you redeemed yourself by thinking I was my daughters friend so I will forgive you but dont let it happen again!"

Bwahahahahha! Poor man. I bet he had a story to tell!

Marbel said...

Clever boy! Jerk, indeed. Was that before or after the cat calls?

We haven't gotten to the point of catcalls yet. I was a fat ugly girl so I got the other kind. So far my little E seems the opposite of me in looks, so I guess it'll happen to her.

We already talk about dating a bit and how it's a not a good idea. Studying the shorter catechism really helps bring these issues up early and in an easy way. Today we covered (again) why it's a dumb idea (and more) for Christians to marry nonChristians (is that capitalization right?).

MamaK said...

My Kei developed young, and I think she's always been just beautiful, but has always looked a bit older than her age.


Anywhoooo...One day, when she was 11, we were walking through Target, and she was about 8 feet in front of me. We cut through the clothing section, and as we did, I saw this man (a dad about 45ish- he was there with his boys) follow her with his eyes. Then he raked those wretched eyes up and down her as she walked past (she was oblivious).

I tell you, my body couldn't decide whether to throw up all over, or punch his lights out. I wanted to say, "You JERK! She's ELEVEN!!!"

I mean, he was there with his sons that were about her age!! Blech. I am so glad she didn't see it, but it was an eye-opening experience for me. She's way too precious to me to NOT protect her.

You know?

kerri @ gladoil said...

Oh, absolutely I know. I so agree with you! I try to be really careful with S. and she's not allowed to go places alone at all. Unfortunately in this culture we have to teach them how to repell these things a little themselves as well. It's a sad, sad thing.