Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In this culture we seem to have taken the idea that just open disagreement in itself is offensive and to believe that you are right about something is arrogant. So everything has to be said so delicately or we aren't being "open". But what really seems to result is that conversation turns into a big pile of mashed potatoes-hold the salt! I like to talk to people who can disagree with me and are even ready to argue their point. I like a good discussion. I like to analyze and think things through and argue with myself, and being able to bounce those ideas off someone else and even be able to sharpen a point of view, come across a new way of thinking about something, a new bit of information, or even be able to tweak my ideas around a little makes life interesting to me. You know, if I'm right about something, it isn't a threat to me if you disagree. And if I'm wrong and you point it out, then you've done me a favor. I grow weary of people who feel like they always have to qualify every little statement with half a dozen disclaimers and won't just get to the point! You know, I really don't mind if you don't agree with me on everything! And since I like to think things through, come to a conclusion, I'll respect the right of you to do the same!

Also, it is a Biblical command to mind ones own business. I do believe that God gave children to their parents. I do believe that men are to be the head of their own households. It's not my job to evaluate the job of another man's household. It's my job to worry about my own household. And that's a job quite big enough, thank you very much.


Mrs. Darling said...

You preach it Kerri! Lets hear it! You're spot on.

People who have time to speak about someone elses household in a nosey judgmental way are always people of low self esteem. Oh they come across as strong but internally they are far from it. If they can stick their busy bodys into anothers affairs they think it elevates them to a position above their brother. But why do they need elevated? Because they are inferior and usually jealous. The two go hand in hand.

And Im sure you know why people are so delicate in conversations. Its because they are insecure. They want people to like them so they guise it under niceties that frankly stink should you bother to turn the rotting pile!

People who can voice their opinions and differ with others in whole hearted conversation are refreshing . Their pile of words are never filled with stench because their ideas are fresh and their ideas get aired and hashed around.

Ah yes tis a coward at best who has to have everything correctly worded and pokes their noses into some one elses house hold affairs.

Mercy, just thinking about this it has hit me that I certainly hope you're speaking of several different people in this and not all one person. If its all one person than that person needs some major therapy and a good dose of the fruits of the spirit.

Now lets all rise for the benediction. Brother Fortis will you lead us in our closing thoughts.

Amen! Selah!

Marbel said...

Great post and great comment by Mrs. D. I agree that it is insecurity that makes people tiptoe around disagreements. They don't want to be wrong. And if you are right, they might be wrong. You can't disagree about, say, wearing skirts or pants (to pick something simple) because if you are right about wearing skirts, they are wrong about wearing pants.

People think they like "diversity" but diversity of thought is really threatening to people!

What kind of boring conversations must we have if we can't disagree?