Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Often over the course of our Christian life we are called upon to make judgements. We have to or we would be jellyfish just moving along the currents of this culture. We have to judge what is good to watch, wear, eat, do, etc. And as a family we have made certain desicions concerning what we would or would not do because we wanted to build a family that glorifies God and was not just assimulated into the mainstream culture.

I am quite aware that other people may decide differently on different issues. Some will be more strict in one area and perhaps not so in another. They may have thought things through carefully and decided something other than we have. I am fully comfortable with that.

What I find ironic though is when I'm judged as being judgemental in an area that I am maybe more strict in. I'm prejudged as being judging. Is that not just odd?


Joyce said...

I'm reminded of Romans 2, where hypocrisy in exercising judgment is rebuked. Human nature strikes again! People just don't like it when your standards are stricter than theirs, and won't allow you the liberty, as a family, to decide what you believe is most honoring to God.

Hang in there, Kerri! Doesn't this happen to everyone? :)

Anonymous said...

My, what happened?

Have you read Against Christianity?

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I suppose it is all about covenant renewal--too bad most who read me don't understand that. Ah well. Wanna get together and cry about it? I'll make choc cheesecake. (I wanted to say over a couple brewskis but didn't want to get too controversial). lynan

Mrs. Darling said...

Hey are ya still up for tomorrow? I plan on coming. If you dont respond here I will assume you havent got this and will give you ac all in the morning.

Marbel said...

So you're being judgmental just by living a certain way? Now we're judging people just by not living the way they are? But aren't they being judgmental toward us by not doing what we're doing? Which came first?

kerri @ gladoil said...

Marbel-I don't know. I mean if we are NOT going to school then we ARE homeschooling. If we are NOT wearing jeans, then we ARE wearing skirts. Are they judging us for homeschooling or are we judging them for not? How does that work? Is judging someone as judging being judgemental? Am I judging them for judging me? Maybe we could just mind our own business. It makes my head ache to worry about what other people are doing. For one thing it is an exercise in futility if it isn't in you field of power anyway...

Lyn, I'll email you when I get a chance. Yes, I have read "Against Christianity" though. And I so wish you could bring that cheesecake over (or brewskis.. Maybe both?) We would be kindred spirits. Pout, pout.

Thanks Joyce. :)

And yes, Mrs. Darling, I remember! I'm going to go drag those lazy girls outa bed and make them clean their room. See you later!