Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Actually, I have to modify that. It was rather that it is more important to teach your children to trust God than to teach them to love Him. I wanted to get the thought down before I lost it. We were on our way out and I "jotted" it down, but I should have stored it rather than posting.

But anyway-I do think you can love someone and not trust them. I love O. but I don't trust him out of my sight! And some people I trust in one area but not another. I'm better with money than with chocolate. Maybe our ability to trust God proves that we actually know the true God because we aren't projecting human limitations and frailties on Him. And shows that we believe what He says about Himself and not calling Him a liar-Ouch, that hurts. That would really speak to worrying, wouldn't it.

But we were talking about how it can be rather self focused to worry about whether we are loving God, but trust is more of an outward action. Rather ties into emotionalism and Christianity. Also there are times when we may not have happy warm feelings about God but we obey Him anyway and our children need to know that that is acceptable at times and not feel guilty because they may not have those warm fuzzies at the moment.

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Marbel said...

Well how can we teach our children how to love anyone, anyway? Even God. We can give them reasons to love Him but... can we do more than that?

But then with that thinking we can't teach them to trust either, can we? I guess we have to show that we do both.

I agree with you about not always having that warm fuzzy feeling...