Thursday, December 20, 2007

An example of our inherit sin nature:

Today N. came in and whined "Z. kicked me!" Z. came in and said, "N. was hitting me.." So N. changes tactics and 'reports' "Z. is tattling!" :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Heheh-You know how (usually) liberals are always trying to make people feel guilty for (so-called) shopping too much? Like here there is always a "Buy nothing day" where they always picket the malls and so forth. Somehow I always seem to be at the mall that day too. Hmm..

Anyway, Dennis Prager just made a point I thought was rather humorous-that when we shop they always say "You're spending too much" but when the government wants to spend money, it's never enough. Ha! Too true. Way to true. Makes me want to go do some shopping of my own! :)
A friend of mine is convinced I have a light sensory disorder. At first I was kind of skeptical because I was always considered a good reader but I think more and more she may be right. I have always thought if I was in school today I wold be diagnosed with ADD. I had the hardest time with paying attention, doing school work, losing things, and especially day dreaming. The teachers would always say "Kerri would be so smart, do so well if she would only apply herself." I would work for days on a project only to drop it on the way to school or leave it in another notebook at home. My desk, locker, notebook, room were always a complete disaster. (I tell R. he was pretty brave to marry me.) I would hyper focus on one thing (like a really long report I did on cat breeds that went on and on until my mom made me stop.) that wasn't required and then I wouldn't do the stuff that was.

I have always noticed I lose my mind when I am under fluorescent lighting. I can have my whole grocery list memorized (or a list in my pocket) and when step inside the door my brain goes fzzzt. And all data is lost. Or I forget (honestly, I do this all the time) that I even have the list. I have completely walked out of the store and gotten halfway home before I remember to look at the list! I spent a bunch of time looking at the paint chips or earrings and I didn't get what was on my list!

The other day when S. and I went to the mall I had one specific thing I knew I wanted to get there. One thing. But when we walked in the door we were so hungry we felt sick so we went to get a sandwich. After a half hour in line and eating I completely couldn't remember why I was there. The information was just not there! I walked around trying to remember. Not there. Completely gone. We looked at Christmas music, clothes, wandered around and it still wasn't there. I couldn't remember until we had gotten off the bus in our own town and were walking home.

This can get so depressing sometimes. I feel like I'm always in a scatter trying to remember where I am going, what I am doing, who needs what.

Also at night I get really.. Well.. not afraid exactly because I know it is me, but when we drive at night the lights that whiz past are confusing and over stimulating to me. I don't know which ones to pay attention to and which to disregard. And more and more I have been having a lot of trouble paying attention when I read. My eye skips lines and my mind will insert a word when it really isn't till the next line.

I go for a lot of walks. I think that the natural lighting outside really helps to calm me and help me to think straight. I get my best ideas when I am outside walking.

I'd like to try to get tested for this light processing thing. And get Forrest tested too. I see a lot of me in that boy..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We're still here. : )

Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet? I'm sure not done. Some of my kids are so easy to buy for it's hard not to get them too much and others..well..

Anyway, I've certainly been to the mall more than I care to lately. Saturday S. and I went poking around downtown but since R. was our ride we left early and went to the mall. We both noticed our responses were a lot different at the mall than at the local long running craft fair Saturday Market. At Saturday Market we were saying "Oh, I like this, I like that, I wish I had more money!" But at the mall it was more an indifferent "hmm, yeah, that's kinda cute." There's just something about mass marketing that doesn't hold a lot of interest I guess.

I'm feeling a little perturbed about Christmas culture in general this year. I guess it was sparked by a CD my MIL gave us (probably because she didn't like it. She just can't seem to bear to use a garbage can.) All the songs are so chintzy cheap on it. Why must we hear about grandma getting run over by a rain deer every single year? How did we go from "Masters In This Hall" and "Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming" to "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"? And there's all these potty humor Santas up in a store near us. Ugh. It depressing me because it's just another sign of the descent our culture is taking. All the beauty and grandeur being traded in for a cheap laugh.

Ugh, well, it's up to us! We are the ones who are going to teach the next generation what it's really all about! Better get back to it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Posted by PicasaMonday S. turns 16. To commemorate the event we held a dance for her and one of her girlfriends who also is having a birthday. Here are some random pictures of the event.
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I am back on my own computer. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! A good friend of a good friend told that good friend that we were having troubles. (Thanks Brenda!) So Aaron came and worked his magic and now internet is up, anyway. The CD reading is something else. Some problem there. And we have too many photos so we have to back them up and get another hard drive to store them. Thus I've started a family album on Picasa. If you are a friend and would like a link email me and I'll send it to you. But I don't think I'll link it here.
So I am quite happy.