Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Have I ever mentioned that I really love my kids? I really do. I'm so thankful God gave me the life He did, even if I do feel like I'm bungling it half the time.

When I was in school I was absolutely convinced I would be 'The Next Really Great Artist'. I had an art teacher tell me I was the best painter she ever had. I knew I would just be God's gift to the art world. Truly. (Oh, stop laughing!!) One of my best friends and I were so convinced we would take the art world by storm. He as an illustrator and I as a fine art painter. We would go over each other's work and dream and walk around school with paint splattered all over ourselves.

Well, he did go on to work for Disney. Another friend of mine from high school bumped into him last week. We always knew he would. And here I am, middle aged, (I'm sure he's still 19 or so, right?) pudgy, not real glamorous.. Grace Kelly quizzes not withstanding. I wonder what he would think if we ran into each other. If I sold out my dream... Didn't have the guts.. No, he was a good guy and I'm sure he wouldn't be condescending exactly.. But still..

But I'm glad I'm where I'm at with my little kiddos and hard working hubby. Maybe someday I will show stuff in a gallery. Maybe someday I will get out paints and there won't be a clamoring of little hands who "wanna paint too." (actually, I switched from water colors to colored pencils when F. ate an entire tube of cobalt blue when he was a baby. Oh, how funny the diapers were after that! But I was glad I wasn't using oils!) But I hope there aren't too many days when it's that quiet. Because I'd rather have the grand kids over to make cookies. :)


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh the dreams of youth.

And the funny thing is that the youth still dream and they still think they are dreaming dreams that nobody has dreamed before and that they and they alone will change the world.

Then one day they find themselves home baking cookies just like you and they realize theres more to life than the dream.

Anonymous said...

You'll be a famous artist and I'll get a book published.... well, maybe..... We could just be famous for bucking the system and writing really odd blog posts...

Marbel said...

Ahh... in college I had a humanities teacher who gave me As on all my writing and insisted I go on to get my Ph.D. At the time I was supporting myself and going to school at night. Those were interesting dreams but I had to support myself and I already had a car payment. :-) Two years after that I got married and then had the kids... and I'm trying to teach them to appreciate good writing. Maybe one of THEM will grow up to be a great writer!

Roberta said...

He ate a whole tube of cobalt blue? Yikes!!!
I took art classes all through school and thought for sure I would focus too much on the artsy stuff and not enough on the book work...my kids are creative out of neccessity, I don't often plan it and feel like all I do is the "daily-ness". sigh. It's good.
Someday I desire to write and illustrate children's books...or something. Someday.

kerri @ gladoil said...

Well, with watercolors the tubes aren't that big. Maybe about 4 tablespoons of actual paint because you only need a few dabs and then mix w/water. It didn't take him much effort.

I hardly ever do art with my kids. They draw all the time and I give them pointers on thing like how far apart eyes are and make suggestions.. But I'm usually just doing daily stuff too.