Monday, August 6, 2007

Well, S. came home from her dance with the glow of a dance well enjoyed. She gets quite the snap in her eye after these affairs. I was right though, that she wouldn't get any pictures of herself. Why get pictures of yourself? She'd rather look at her friends. But some friends caught her with "Illegal Contraband". And snapped a picture to be used against her in a court of law.
As soon as you let them out of your sight they are into mischief. And there is no sense in denying it because the proof is in the can! Not exactly period either. Ah well..

I tried to figure out how to post a short video she made of the "Post Jig" but I can't get it over from Photobucket and YouTube seems to be having problems. Hopefully I'll figure it out later.

So here are some other pictures..
Just to get an idea of the costumes.

They had a pie baking contest. (S. got 2nd in the apple pie category.) Danced until 12:30, slept in tents, tried to cook breakfast over a campfire, and argued about the Union and the Confederates. Most of them are Confederates. But S. stood for the Union and was summarily executed. Rather brutal, wouldn't you say? She had no other Unionist to come to her rescue. Brave girl.
So, are you following the race for the Republican nomination? If Giuliani wins I will cry my eyes out.


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh that is too funny ...uh, er... I mean sad! She was executed, poor girl! Well she fought bravely and stood for right bless her young heart. May she rest in peace! I hope they gave her proper funeral and didnt just leave her there in the battlefield to bake in the hot sun!

I will cry eyes out if Hilary wins!

Anonymous said...

OK that all looks like WAY too much fun!!! I wanna go next time! LOL and she looked great even if she did drink terrible soda. What made her be for the union anyway??? ;0)

I can't do the youtube--it just takes too long--dial up ya know.

I'm pretending there is no such thing as politics out here on my dead end one way lane with grass growing in the middle. Its really easy to do here. I can pretend most anything. Our power lines come from the other side of the dead end so from my house to the road--no lines. Down the lane a little you could almost believe it looks like 1880. ;0)

kerri @ gladoil said...

ha! I wondered what you would say about her being Union Lyn!

Mrs. D-I'm more concerned about Obama. I kind of hope Hilary gets the Demo nomination because I just don't think she can get elected during a war..Being a wimpy girl and all. But Obama and that rock star popularity...

Mrs. Darling said...

You know when Paris Hilton went to jail my friend told me this joke.

What three people does Paris fear the most?

Answer: O sama, O bama, and her Ma Ma!

Okay now I htought that was gut bustingly funny.

Marbel said...

The dance looks like such fun! Your girl looked lovely! So did all the girls, for that matter.

Obama scares me too. But so does Hillary... I am not so confident she is unelectable.