Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Warning: The following post is not for the faint of heart. Or the queasy of stomach...

Over the weekend we went to a birthday party for a friend. It was a Redneck Pig Roast.
They cooked up Wilbur. Well, I guess he was big enough now..

Hows that for a pig, Mrs. Darling? It's like to jump off the table any minute and walk right up to you!

R & Z

Z. getting all the jello his heart desires.

The overalls and bandannas were as rednecky as I could come up with.

Now how about some redneck games?
Watermelon spitting contest, that's pretty innocent.
But wait! What else do they have in store for us?

How about bobbing for raw pig and chicken feet??
I told my kids "Don't even think about it."
They said "Don't worry, we won't!!"

Yes, indeed, those are real pig and chicken feet.

Now it's the Spam eating contest. Here's E. primly surveying her dish of Spam.
S, R and I had to move downwind to keep from gagging on the smell.
Made me think of that line in Ratatoullie (I'm sure I spelled that wrong.)
"Once you get past the gag reflex.."

Yum yum..

F. won. The poor thing. It took all my willpower not to leap across the table and beg her to stop.
"It's not worth it! I'll buy you a whole case of candy bars if you will stop!!!" Doesn't she look like she's about to cry? That was the first time my children have ever encountered Spam and I think they will be careful to give it a wide berth in the future.
But it was fun and (other than the Spam) the kids had a good time playing with their friends.
But I made sure F. had a bag or something in the car just incase that Spam decided to reappear...


Mrs. Darling said...

I wouldnt have touched that pig! I went to a whole pig roast thing like that complete with apple in the mouth only once and I'll never do it again. And how gross are those feet!? And to bob for them? Thats perfctly primieval!

Now the spam, well the spam. Many's the time I had to eat spam as a child. It came from the governemnt surplus food and sometimes it was all the meat we had. I ate it cold in sandwiches at lunch and fried for breakfast. I dont touch that now either, just for the record!

Poor children. Poor F.

LynAC said...

uck and we're getting ready to put piggy in the freezer. how sad.

funny about dd and 2nd base. I'm sure my ds's would say the same thing.

Marbel said...

Too fun! And too funny! Poor sweet F. She looked cute, even in her distress. Spam, ugh.

Melanie said...

That was too funny! Poor poor F. I hope she got her candy bars! And those feet...they were positively terrible! Blaaah!

A redneck birthday party...who would ever think of such a thing! Glad that you enlightened us all! Thanks for sharing the pics...they really made me laugh!

Amy said...

Wasn't that pig delicious! We went to a wedding that had a whole roast pig and it was the best ham I've ever eaten.

Looks like a fun party.

kerri @ gladoil said...

Yeah, actually, the pig was really good. They had a really good bar-b-que sauce there to go with it.

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

That looks like fun, but EEEEWWWWWW! Once our friends threw a "tacky party". I put aluminum foil around one of my front teeth and got some super long metallic press on nails. FUN!

Anonymous said...

hey--email me! I lost your addy! ;0)