Monday, August 20, 2007

Marbel asked where I get my information. Well, I guess it's time to confess-I am a talk radio junkie. In the morning I usually listen to the last hour or so of Laura Ingraham. Then my favorite host is on at 9:00, Dennis Prager. At noon is Michael Medved. I don't really usually listen to him because I'm usually busy schooling the boys around that time. At 3:00 is Hugh Hewitt and around then I'm making dinner so unless S. comadeers the radio to listen to the country station (She usually helps with dinner) I hear most of that one. So you see, I'm a hopeless case. She says to say she does listen to it if it's interesting.

But actually I don't listen to it all day because a lot of the time they are talking about things that don't interest me. But I really like to hear interviews. That is, I think, the best part. To get to hear them talking to people like Tony Snow, Mary Cheney or Sam Brownback.

Then if a certain topic does interest me (like after hearing Huckabee interviewed) I look up stuff on the townhall blogs. Or I ask the local political authority, Nathan, who is a wealth of information. Usually I just pick up bits and pieces along the way.

So that's what I do. I do not watch TV news at all. And I hardly read the local newspaper. World magazine is good too, though until recently I put off subscribing to it because it was a little expensive for us.

So, there it is.

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