Friday, August 3, 2007

Thanks for the sympathy friends. Today was a whole new day. Even though we woke up to cloudiness in our area, I felt a whole lot sunnier! Dh was back to normal and the thing that I tried to talk to him about cleared itself up in a way that I never expected. In a way I think the Lord showed His hand in it so I could know that it was Him and not me trying to fix things. And I can feel a little ashamed of myself for not trusting Him in it, but I am still so thankful!

I just hate it when I make mistakes. I always want to feel like I have done things the 'right' way. I have been so fearful of making mistakes in my life I end up doing nothing. I am trying to correct that, even if it only by trying a sewing pattern with a technique I haven't tried or venturing into a conversation with someone I haven't met (You really old friends, from my old blog, will know that is something.) It took me years to venture into doing a buttonhole! Isn't that funny?

I don't want my children to be afraid of making mistakes like I have been. I hope they don't inherit those perfectionistic tendencies. I hope they know I don't expect perfection, only that they receive correction and try their best. And be able to laugh at themselves.

Today I sent S. of to her Civil War dance. I didn't take pictures of her before she left because the camera was almost out of batteries and she wanted to take it with her. But I forgot to tell her to make sure someone takes a picture of her. Rats. She probably won't think of it. I hope she has as much fun as she's expecting.

I think the rest of us will have a LOTR night since we haven't watched it in a while.

And maybe I'll get to knit for a bit. I am trying to make a sweater for Babykins. Maybe if I work really hard I'll get it done for fall? But I'm making it a bit big, so it will fit him next year if not. I'm not very good at knitting, but it is soothing to clink, clink the needles together. Until a little boy climbs on my lap and makes me drop a stich.

What projects do you have going?


Marbel said...

Glad to hear things are better. A new day often helps a lot.

Projects? Hahahaha! I am dying to sew but the room where the machine will go is still a little chaotic, and the machine has not appeared yet. (But I know what box it's in.) Also in the mood for cross-stitch. It is too hot here to think about knitting.

About the blackberries - it seems odd that they don't grow wild here, but I got that "you have two heads" look everytime I asked anyone. We enjoyed our cobbler tonight. Sigh... I will miss those berries...

Amy said...

I'm also glad to hear things were better with you today. I had one of those days today. Nothing went right and I ended up crying to my husband on the phone because even my underwear didn't fit anymore, lol.

We're going to watch LOTR tonight for Lauren's 12th birthday. Well at least a little of it as I tend to fall asleep by 10 pm now.

Anonymous said...

chuzzle is a game--I found a free version at yahoo

hope you get a pic of dd!


Mrs. Darling said...

Glad you're feeling better Keri. OI do so hope someone gets pics of shay. If not she'll have to model for me! :)

Projects? Oh my, too many to count. Canning seems to the basic one right now. This next week I want to reseed the front yard, paint the fence and do school shopping.

Projects spring eternal around here. Sigh