Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love to sleep with my little babies. I love to hear their sighs in the night and to watch them sleep. They are so serious about it, as though this sleep was the most important thing in all the world.

Then they slowly wake up...
And it's time for mischief!


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my goodness Kerri! What a doll. I just wnat to come over and hug him!

LynAC said...

MY! is he cute!

I asked dh a few weeks ago if he thought any of my g-children could at least NAP with me. He said no--they'd be with their parents. I think a nap once in a while is not too much to ask! I will miss nursing/sleeping with my babies SO much!


kerri @ gladoil said...

Oh! I used to spend the night at my grandma's and alsways slept with her. It was the highlight!

Well, you have a few years, maybe he'll change his mind.

I know having grandbabies is going to be such fun, but I don't think it will be the same. I so love having my own little babies.

Mrs. Darling said...

I sleep with Baby Jane and she is still small enough to be cuddly at three. I have to say it isnt quite the same but I am totally amazed at how much I love my grandchild! I never knew it would be like this. I adore that little thing!

Amy said...

So sweet! I love sleeping with my babies too.