Saturday, August 11, 2007

Have you heard about the boys who were charged with s*x abuse because of slapping girls' behinds in the hall at school? Yesterday the charges were dismissed and now they have to face misdemeanor harassment charges.

What rot.

It makes me think of when I was a girl in 8th grade. There were a couple boys who had lockers near mine that made my life miserable. The pinched me every time they got a chance. I started taking as many books as I could to my classes in order not to go to my locker. It was humiliating and frustrating.

Fortunately for me (well, at least for this case.) I had a boyfriend who was older and bigger and I appealed to him. So he took the day of school (he was in a different school.) and had a heart to heart with these young men. All they needed was a little enlightenment and direction. They never touched me again and actually by the end of the year we were all reasonably friendly. Amazing what a little understanding can do.

But, as frustrated and embarrassed as I was, were they perverts? Not anymore than any other junior high boy. Should they have their lives ruined by it? Absolutely not. I wouldn't have wanted that then and I wouldn't now looking back. They just needed a little instruction and discipline so they could better manage their male type impulses.

So, here are a couple of young boys, growing into manhood. They are still very young. They live in this oversexed culture where the girls can wear whatever they want to school with no responsibility at all, grocery stores have the most shameful things sitting at the grocery counters, everywhere a person looks! But when a boy responds the way the larger culture is teaching him to look at girls he is stripped down and shamed before the whole community, thrown into jail, threatened with lifetime registry as a s*x offender, his parents get to accumulate legal bills that run up like a thermometer on a hot August afternoon. I feel so bad for these poor boys. Having your fanny slapped in the hall is nothing compared to the humiliation they have suffered.

What I really worry about these types of out of control cases is how these boys will see themselves. If you start to have this notion of "There's something wrong with me, there's something different about me" it seems to me that it can become a self full filling prophecy for them, that it could influence their thinking so that they do have trouble developing normally.

What rot. I hope this DA gets thrown out. You have to wonder how this would have turned out if it hadn't reached the media.

I get so angry at how this culture treats boys.

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Marbel said...

This is just disgusting. But it shows that "girls rule boys drool" is the order of the day now. I feel sorry for my boy and other young men coming up. What a future they face, as the world seeks to either criminalize them or make the irrelevant.