Friday, July 27, 2007

I woke up feeling melancholy today. I just didn't even want to think of doing schoolwork. So I decided to catch up on some sewing instead. I turned on the "Merchant of Venice" DVD and sewed on buttons and such.

Here's an outfit I finished for Puddin' The picture didn't turn out real great, but it is made out of some fabric I hand dyed and there's a bow across the front with polka-dots. It turned out pretty cute, I think.

I sewed this LAST YEAR and never did the button/button hole. So I finally did that. Good grief. Got a procrastination story that can top that? I originally sewed it for Puddin', but now it's down to the next daughter.

So here's what the little kids did all day. What did mothers do before Legos?

And now here's what I need to hurry and catch up on before hubby gets home!

It's amazing the mess we can generate in a day. The house was fairly clean this morning. So this is my act of bravery for the day, putting up these pictures! But Mrs. D and I were talking about how we can totally manufacture an image for ourselves on the Internet and nobody will ever know the difference. So here you have it, it's real life everyday around here!
I also helped Dear Oldest Daughter set up her blog. She got tired of her brother not letting her put up anything girly, so she got one of her own. If you'd like, go by and say "Hi" so she won't be too lonely! It's called "The Cliffs of Insanity Are Very Close Now." How do you like that name? I helped think of it. It's from Princess Bride. Hee-Hee.
I'm off to doing the dishes!
Ta-Ta for Now!


Joyce said...

Hi, Kerri,

I have a theory: The reason it's cheering to work on a sewing project rather than to do one's usual domestic duties is that there is something quite tangible (and more lasting )to show for one's efforts.

We both know that a clean, orderly house takes lots of planning and effort, but, as you also mention in your post, it can so quickly be UNDONE (boo hoo!). Every once in a while it's nice to look at some product of one's efforts which isn't so ephemeral.

Marbel said...

Just a quick hi from the Upper Dublin Libary where we are using the wireless. I have a postcard in my purse waiting to send you! But we stopped in here to get our new cards. Hope to be online and caught up soon!

Amy said...

Hey I sewed on Friday as well. I didn't have the energy to tackle an indepth study of Rome. I made Molly two pairs of pants and it felt great to get back to the machine. The kids enjoyed the break too!

Susan in Elk Grove, CA said...

Neener, neener....I have a procrastination story that tops yours. I have a counted cross-stitch project that I started about 10 years ago. Part of the problem is that I hate doing counted cross-stitch. The other part is that I can't remember where I put the darn thing! Perhaps I should pretend it never existed.

Roberta said...'d you get pics of my laundry and dishes?! ;)

Darling outfit and shirt. I have piles of lovely fabrics with *ideas* for sewing...someday. My 19 month old Noah is "exceedingly busy". The other morning, as I emerged from the loo, found he pushed the lever on the water cooler and made a small lake on the kitchen floor, and found the drawer with the birdseed and scattered it through 3 rooms of the house, and something else I forget, all within less than 5 minutes.
At least he is past the stage of climbing the kitchen table and throwing everything off.

Anonymous said...

very brave posting real life pics. My dishes stay done--I make the boys do 'em :0) (when I can't) but my floors could be swept /vaccuumed several x a day and we don't wear shoes in house or eat outside of kitchen so go figure.....

Marbel said...

Just stopping in again to say I'm back online at home and happy to be here.

Mrs. Darling said...

where are you girl?

kerri @ gladoil said...

Susan-My children laughed out loud at the thought of you saying neener-neener! :)

Glad you're back Marbel! Hope everything is going good on your new landscape.