Monday, July 23, 2007

I have found the most beautiful blog! The pictures and loving portrayal of family life are so enticing. Makes me want to go knead bread or something.

No wait. I did that. :)

It also made me want to post more pictures though, and pay more attention to the lovely things that go on here all day long. Unfortunately the "port" thingy that is used to download the pictures from the chip is malfunctioning. I guess I will have to buy another. :( So the pictures I took of gardening day will have to wait.

Often I am tempted to overlook what is beautiful and sweet in my life. I am tempted to see the mess instead of the creativity behind it, the argument instead of the opportunity for teaching, the cost instead of the benifit, the time involved and work instead of the fruit. Children are a lot of work. Meals are a lot of work. For that matter, husbands are a lot of work. Boys are work and noise! I try to be cheery, to discipline my attitudes, to put energy into sowing the seeds of good fruits. But often I come up short, grumble, get weary. I guess I'm still learning.

Often when people find out I have a blog it almost sounds like they equate it to writing tabloids. But I really do feel that I get good encouragement from blogs written by moms just like me-that we can encourage each other to keep up the good fight. I love to see pictures of your children, read what you're making for dinner, what you're reading, maybe struggling with today. It makes life at home so much less isolating. We're in it together, though many of us are far apart.

So, say a prayer for me today, and I'll say one for you!


Mrs. Darling said...

You know Kerri thats really true. Blogging does help with the nitty gritty work of the day. I too love the entrys about ordinary days. It gives me ideas of things to do and helps me realize that we really are all in the same boat.

Amy said...

So true! I love reading about how other woman are strugling with the same issues I am and how they are dealing with it. What did women do before the internet?

I don't have time to talk on the phone for any length of time but I do have 5 minutes to check a blog.

Myfriendconnie said...

I love this post! Yes, I do feel isolated in my small town, as the only large homeschooling family. Through blogs, though, I have a group of "friends" to encourage me.

Roberta said...

It's not Monday anymore, but I'll take that prayer. :) And pray for you as well.

Marbel said...

I also love that blog. You are right about overlooking what's beautiful and wonderful. I have found myself focusing on the negative in this new house instead of the positive.

I have a hard time pointing people to my blog because I wonder why they'd want to read about my life. But I love reading blogs about the lives of others! Staying home with the kiddies can be isolating at time, but yes the internet can help us seem closer together!