Monday, February 4, 2008

Well, tomorrow is Super Tuesday. Does your state vote?

I know I listen to entirely too much talk radio. I listen to Michael Medved. He is convinced that the only Republican who can beat (especially) O Bama is McCain. I don't want McCain. For one thing, I think his temper alone is a big, big problem. The Bible is full of warnings about a man with a bad temper. I'm afraid of him bursting a gasket in a debate (especially with Obama since he's seen as a 'nice guy') and blowing the whole thing. I give the standard qualifiers as everyone who ever says they don't want McCain have to give: He'sagreatwarhero,Irepspecthisservice,IfheisthenomineeIwillvoteforhiminthegeneralelection.

But I won't be excited about it.

Among the other reasons I'm not excited about McCain is the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform, the fact that he voted against George Bush's tax cuts, his opposition to drilling in ANWR, and he buys into the whole 'man-caused-global-warming' idea. He appeals to the centerists, but I doubt he will motivate the Republican base much. Unless he runs against Hilary, then I think everyone will be motivated no matter who the Republican nominee is.. But Obama..

I guess I'm pretty much left with Romney.

But mostly I'm feeling sick to my stomach...

But I'm keeping my Huckabee magnet on my fridge. Cause it makes me smile. :)


Marbel said...

I don't know. No one thrills me. We don't have a primary till April.

Who doesn't buy into the man-made global warming? Is there anyone running?

I'd take McCain over any democrat; wait, I'd take any republican over any democrat. And if you'd asked me 10 years ago if I'd ever say/type those words, I would have said you were crazy.

Melanie said...

I haven't really followed things too closely, but am not too excited about the choices we have either. I can tell you one thing...John McCain has spent a lot of money this week making phone calls! We have had about 6 messages left on our message from both him and his wife. We only had one call from Romney. Sort of annoying if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Medved has really gone far to the left on this issue. When something like this happens you look for a reason. Perhaps he plans to get a job in a McCain administration.

I hate to bring this up but when you look to possible motivations I have found this. Medved’s father lives in Israel. John McCain gets strong support from AIPAC.

Check this picture.

Now I in general am supportive of Israel. But Israel isn’t America. Israel is a foreign country. And we should never, ever put any foreign country’s interest above our own, and I fear by having tied ourselves so closely to Israel we have. Now again this isn’t an attack on Israel. We should never tie ourselves to ANY country as closely as we have tied ourselves to Israel.

Now I hate to think it, but could Medved’s support of McCain come from the close relationship AIPAC has with John McCain? I believe it’s something we should at least think about.