Sunday, September 30, 2007

When I am knitting I think I should be drawing. When I am sewing I think I should be quilting. When I am reading I think I should be sewing. When I am doing the dishes I think I should be cooking. When I am folding laundry I think I should be menu planning. When I am looking up new recipes I think I should be paying bills. When I am cooking I am thinking I should have some new dishes to make to make life interesting. When I go to sleep I think I should be reading because what if I stop learning things and become an uninteresting person? When I am reading to my boys I think I should be teaching them math. When we are doing math I think we should be working on catechism. When I am doing catechism I think I should be checking the girls' math. When I check their math I think I should be washing the floors. When I am washing the floors I think I should be spending more time with the baby. When I sit with the baby I think I should be weeding. When I am weeding I think what I really need to do is look up gardening plans because by the way my garden looks I apparently don't have one...

Is it any wonder I get nothing done????


Marbel said...

Oh my. Bad idea for me to read this just as I was about to shut down and go to bed. I'll never get to sleep, thinking of what I should be doing.

Becoming an uninteresting person has been on my mind a lot lately. Not as an aspiration.

You forgot "when I'm doing x I think I should be writing a post on emotionalism in Christianity."

Good night!

Mrs. Darling said...

I hear ya. I do the same thing..always questioning what Im doing in the moment. It's a tough way to live I tell ya!