Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Both sexes have their weakness, but one thing about us women is we are just plain too bossy. I guess God gave us that in our nature because we do have to micro manage our children. I mean in what other relationship is there the need to make sure someone brushes their teeth, eats their vegetables, speaks nicely to a sister and uses the handrail on the stairs all in one day? Even fathers don't micro-manage the way we do, I don't think. So in someways I guess it is a strength that we can give so much attention to the details in other people's lives.

But when we start feeling like we have to micromanage other people-Oh, like say maybe the WHOLE COUNTRY then micro managing has run amuck.

Anyway, here is a link to an interview with Carl Rove who gives a summary of Hilary's just jolly wonderful health plan. And then you just tell me this woman isn't Just Plain Bossy.


Mrs. Darling said...

I never thought Id meet anybody who detested that womans stand on things more than myself! I was wrong!
Enter Kerri!

Amy said...

I watched the Democratic debate on Economic Issues and Hillary is a lion. Biden and Dodd actually cracked jokes and smiles but not Ms. Hilary. She was all business. Not very personable.

I actually wanted to hear what Biden and Dodd had to say because of their charmingness (not a word?) but when Hilary spoke I just winced.