Monday, June 30, 2008

Here are a couple pictures of Zeke and his cast. This is when it was all bright and new, though. The doctor did say he could walk on it, but I think he underestimated how much walking a busy little boy can do! In a week and a half it was worn through on the bottom and the bandages were hanging out the sides, kind of looked like the lepers in old Biblical movies looked. :) So finally Rand decided to cut the thing off, about a week early and we just made him stay in shoes all the time to keep his foot still. Well, praise God, he went to the doctor and they said it heald up nicely, so that little tauma in his little life is over.


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh sweet boy! Ya gotta love how active little boys are. That doctor should have known better. lol

Joyce said...

Way to go, Zeke. :)

Marbel said...

What a doll. Glad that's all over.

Hey, I tagged you. Come over to see. No obligation as always. But you have not been posting enough so maybe it's a good thing.