Sunday, May 25, 2008

Before we made a theological change and started going to the church we are in now, we went to a church called Beaverton Foursquare. The pastor we had there, Ron Mehl, passed away a few years ago from lukemia and shortly after that the local radio station which had previously played his sermons every weekday morning stopped. That was sad to me because it was pretty much a mainstay of my day to listen to Pastor Ron. He was always such a gentle and kind spirited man, but I never felt like he was compromising. Some people can just fit so much more into a quiet word. He always seemed to have a humble authority about him.

Anyway, I'm so happy that KPDQ has decided to air his sermons again. I probably know most of them pretty well anyway, but I'll be so glad to start my day to his voice again!


Roberta said...

We used to listen to him too. He did have a gentle spirit...and seemed more theologically accurate than most of that denomination (of which we were back then also.)

kerri @ gladoil said...

Yes, whenever I tell someone we went to a Foursquare church I always feel like I need to qalify that it wasn't THAT kind of Foursquare church. It was very conservative and though theologically they are charasmatic you never would have known by the service. It was probably more like a Baptist church in practice. No speaking in tongues and all that..

Roberta said...

Hmm, that is really different than Sunnyside was...I hadn't been to Beaverton and just assumed it was similar. I guess in the same way that one cannot assume all reformed churches are the same.