Monday, April 28, 2008

Sometimes life is just not bloggable!

Well, I wonder if there is even anyone left around here. :) Oh well.
Nothing has changed much really anyway. The weather is still pretty rainy and cold, though the sun did break out for a couple days. I'm still teaching the boys and S. is still teaching the girls. S. will be having her graduation at the end of May, but she is a little dismayed at some of the cultural differences that are part of the ceremony. They want to walk up to the stage to a Journey song. Anybody remember Journey? I have to laugh. I thought they were dorky when I was a kid! Shh. Don't tell anyone I said that.

I guess we just have different tastes. S. and I always go on these different music kicks where we will listen to one band or genre of music for a while until we drive F. crazy and then eventually we move on. Right now it's this band:

I just love them! And they are all one family-8 siblings. I wish I could get my computer speakers piped downstairs because this is definitely fast housecleaning music!

Well, anyway, that's a quick update with us. I hope all is going well for you too!

And I'll try to be better about updating. Really.


Joyce said...

Hi, Kerri,

We really like Leahy, too. :)

For a while, 3 of our children were taking violin lessons, but now those kiddos are too busy with track and soccer to make lessons worthwhile. I hope the children will continue with violin, though. I love it!

Marbel said...

Leahy! Wow, I had forgotten about them. Will have to get that cd out now.

So, I don't get it. Is S. graduating with a group from... church? I never thought about a homeschool graduation ceremony.

Journey? Why on earth...??? Don't Stop Believing? Guess it's better than Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.

Good to see you.

kerri @ gladoil said...

Joyce, if I could start my life over I would insist that my parents sign me up for violin at the age of 3! That and Irish dancing.

Marbel-I don't know. They are both TERRIBLY cliche, but I think I could swallow Fleetwood Mac over Journey. Steve Perry is just SUCH a pretty boy.

I showed her the video. She is writhing in utter dismay at the thought. Poor thing. I am sympathetic...

kerri @ gladoil said...

Oh, yeah. A group from church. There's 11 this year.

Marbel said...

By the way, I changed the videos on my site in your honor. No, not Journey - can't stand them.

I had to do a little refining as the original search brought up some sort of senate hearing along with the music.

When I think of "Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow" I remember a past Bill Clinton campaign...

Mrs. Darling said...

Come into Macedonia and help me!

Susan in Elk Grove said...

DD#1 refused to take part in our (old) church's homeschool graduation ceremony. That was fine with us! Instead we had a party at a teahouse, and she invited several of her "older women" (see Titus 2). It was lovely, and she got lots of gifts to stash in her hope chest. We were at our current church when DD#2 graduated....we had a huge tea at our house. Again, lots of hope chest gifts, and guests from as far away as Oregon! ;) It was grand. Haven't planned DD#3's yet. She'll be "graduating" some time later this year.

Homeschool graduation ceremonies always seemed, well, a little strange to me. Aren't we supposed to spend our lives LEARNING? It's not like anything REALLY changes. Oh well. To each their own, eh? :)

LynAC said...

ummm I sorta kinda like some Journey songs.... but not for graduation. definitely not.

congrats to your daughter!