Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Would one night of sleeping through the night be so much to ask?? Just one?

My oldest daughter has taken over my middle girls' schooling. What a boon! I has been so difficult for me to balance the little boys who need constant direction and supervision, and them. Not that it wasn't getting done, but it was certainly not getting done as I would want. Well, S. has taken over that ship entirely. She has them all upstairs here and sits with them and works on a quilt while they do their books. She has a grade book and everything. Last night my husband said "Wow, it sounds like she's doing a better job than you! Maybe she should show you a thing or two!" Thanks dear.

Well, she is certainly more structured about it. Its funny, when I first started homeschooling I thought the more "free-style" learning was the way to go. Maybe it was my left over hippy-isms or something that drew me to that, I don't know. But never yet have I met a homeschool graduate that says they wish their parents were more relaxed. Any who would have changed anything say they would give their kids less free time and make them work harder. I think we often are not expecting as much from our kids as we should.

But it has been fun to look over curriculum with her and make decisions together. Always before I just bought it all and brought it home and nobody had anything to say about it much. I'm just getting such a kick out of looking it over and telling her what I liked about one program or didn't like about another and having her agree or disagree. I experimented so much for years in our homeschooling. Hopefully she will have it a lot more down when it gets to be her turn.


Marbel said...

Ah, the benefits of the 2nd generation! How nice for her and for you!

I spend a lot of time thinking about more/less relaxed homeschooling. I keep hearing from "veteran" homeschool moms to relax more. But that can mean many different things depending on the person. I'm still looking for the balance between chaos and rigidity. And I can't bring myself to grade anything but math. At least not yet.

Sir Not Appearing In This Film said...

Hey! I just saw that you visited my xanga from your xanga from my blog. Which I thought was kinda weird.

I can't say that I've ever really taught my younger siblings anything on those lines, but I teach them the important things in life that don't get covered by mom: How to make swords from sticks, how to sneak around the house undetected, air guitar, story-telling, tree-climbing. The things that matter in life. =D

kerri @ gladoil said...

I linked you from Valerie's blog.

But yeah, all that is important too. But my oldest boy covers that stuff more. He doesn't keep a grade book, neither.

mykidsmom said...

How nice that you have a helper now. Having only 3 to teach keeps me SO busy, I don't even want to think about trying to do 9! And I often wonder if I am having them do enough- especially after hearing all that Mrs.D does! I admit I am still trying to find a good balance.

Mrs. Darling said...

This is wonderful Kerri. In the Mennonite church this type of thing is done a lot. What would happen next is that E would be the one that gets trained big time by you in housework and household management. In large families the younger ones tend not to know as much as the older ones about running a home. With S established as teacher it would be E's turn to learn all the cooking and sewing skills that you've already taught S. It can be a new chapter in each of their lives. This is when child rearing gets exciting! I can just feel the fun in my bones. I love challenges like this. And to have one pretty much able to take over an entire department is a dream! Oh families are so fun!