Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sorry, Amy...
I guess if I'd known that I wouldn't get a chance to post in a while, I wouldn't have picked that as my last entry... Ahhh, well...

My midwife came today. It was my first appointment, which is probably scandalous by modern medicine standards. That is, that I waited so long to call her-but she wasn't surprised. When I called she said "Well, when are you due, next week?" Ahem. I'm not quite that bad. Almost maybe. But everything's fine, so far. She will test my sugar in three weeks, which I know is my weak area, so I just try to avoid it.
Everybody in the house-yes, even the boys-is determined that this baby SHALL BE a girl. I think I am the only one who thinks that if it is a boy it won't be that bad. :) I finally got Rand to even talk about boy names the other night, as if having a name on hand could open the possibility of this baby being a boy where it wouldn't otherwise. We (well, he, as there is only one name he is willing to consider) finally decided on a boy name, while the girl name has been picked for.. umm.. years? :)

Boys. They are a lot of work. Mine sometimes remind me of marauding little savages running through the house. And it isn't the same if you only have one. Sorry, but it just isn't. Forrest was a breeze, when he was the only boy among all my girls. But get two or three of them together, well that's just another thing. The competition over territory, the energy, the fight for supremacy.. It's just something else. I was brought up with one sister. Watching these little guys is just kind of a fascination.. Like another planet.


Mrs. Darling said...

Two or three? What about four like you have! Ive been babysitting another 7 year old all summer, plus the 8 year old neighbor boy practically lives here. and I can tell you that those three are a force to be reckoned with. Thank goodness Im only responsible for one on a 24/7 basis. Im too old for this.

Joyce said...

Sounds like lots of excitement and anticipation out your way!

So . . . Are your older boys nice? We have six daughters and three sons. :) They're all quiet people, maybe because both Rick and I are. Well, maybe my youngest daughters are tolerably noisy . .

kerri @ gladoil said...

Well Joyce, our birth order goes one girl, one boy, then three girls in a row, then boys. My oldest boy is 14. Forrest is a good boy. He works for Rand quite a bit, practices his instruments and studies for most of the rest of the time. But I'm not sure you could actually say he's quiet.. A little zany I think.. I guess it would depend on who you were comparing him to..

Roberta said...

Do we get to hear this one boy name...or long saved girl name? You got me curious.
We have a 9 year span between the two boys with 2 girls in the middle and even with that age gap they get loud and wild! As an only child I am fascinated by the sibling relationships, and yet still wish it were a little quieter. :)
How many weeks do you have left?

kerri @ gladoil said...

My due date is Dec. 5 but I am never, ever on time so I'm thinking more like the 15th. The girl name is Noelle Lorica (after St. Patrick's Lorica) and the boy.. Well.. we have returned to the subject again, so it isn't quite so settled... Nothing seems to sit with me...

LynAC said...

wow December is close! Can't wait!

I took all my cotton pickin' savages shopping (for jeans, then dinner out, then groceries) on Wed. I'm insane. My husband has been gone over a month and a couple of them, well, you know--really need dad!

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