Friday, November 30, 2007

Well, maybe having to come to the library will actually make me more disciplined to post. I have to come up here all the time anyway because it's right by the closest grocery store and fabric store, not to mention our favorite bookstore. Also it's a pretty good walk and I like to try to do it fast for the exercise. At home I think "Well, I only have a minute" so I don't post much thinking I'll wait till I have more time. But if I've gotten my hour allotment here, by golly I'm going to use the thing up! The librarian is rather a computer despot. Yesterday she came and was scolding me, really scolding me that I was over my time by ten minutes. I could only see the clock from the side and I thought I had five minutes left but I apologized and thought she was probably right. So I got off and looked back and I actually did have five minutes left. After she was standing there saying really loud "you need to get off right now. RIGHT NOW!" Ugh. Shayleen and I laughed about it, but goodness did we have to be so stressful about it? It wasn't as though there was a line of people waiting. There was one guy, but he had just walked in and then he was all embarrassed that she had made such a fuss. Anyway. It got me to thinking about a running list of things I want to make sure I never do when I am old. Here are some of them:

!. Give "drive by" parenting advice to young mothers in public. If I ever say "that baby needs a hat on" to someone I do not know in public, someone please slap me.

2. Wear heavily perfumed powders.

3. Try to act younger than I am. Or dress "young".

4. Have any type of hair coloring that even approaches the color purple or blue. Someone, please tell me!

5. Bring bags and bags of stuff to people because I can't throw things away myself.

6. Use cat decor in any way, shape or form.

7. Lecture my sons or sons-in-law in front of other people or in public.

8. Assume that all the young folks are "up to no good"

9. Give the "well, you're just a young pup and you don't know the realities of life" lecture. Man, that just gets thread worn.

10. Squelch younger people's aspirations, goals, dreams etc. (If they are worthwhile) because I don't think they can or they don't know the realities of the obstacles.

And then the things I plan to do with abandon..

1. Bake cookies

2. Wear aprons

3. Smell like cinnamon

4. Play cards with the gandkids

5. Babysit any grandchildren I get a chance to.

6. Keep myself acclimated to noise as much as possible.

7. Maybe have one or two cats (or dogs) but NO MORE!

8. Have a comfortable house without a lot of breakables.

9. Be available to talk and encourage.

10. Not give criticism too freely, but try to be free with praise and encouragement. (But not flattery)

11. Pray often for those God has entrusted me with.

12. Plant flowers

13. Decorate lavishly for holidays

Well, those are some, I'm sure there are a lot more. Got any to add?


Mrs. Darling said...

The man down there is better overseeing the computers than the lady! But they all take their jobs way too seriously! It's not like we're sitting there manning a space ship or something. Its a simple little ole computer lab in a library that doesnt have half the books you want nor the funds to expand be because most of the town doesnt even seem to care that its there. And whats with that big ole tall chair on Station 5 down there! I can hardly hoist my big buhunkus up there. I sorta just perch one thigh on and brace myself with the other foot. Mercy to Betsy!

Roberta said...

You cracked me up with that list. Especially the perfume powder and cats. What is with that?

To add to the nots:
Make pruney faces.
Keep things for "special". My Grandma gave me 2 silver serving dishes and she said "Don't save the m for special, use them now."
and I second #5 too...that has been a problem in our family, thanks for reminding me not to continue the tradition.

Do's: Be squishy and lovey.
Be much more patient than I am now.
Listen more.

Amy said...

"Use cat decor in any way, shape or form." LOL! I would add bunny rabbit decor. Somebody's MIL does that and it drives me up the wall.

Marbel said...

Let cinnamon buns be the whole breakfast more often, instead of an extra after more healthful food.

lynan said...

Ok but really sometimes that baby really DOES need a hat! Maybe when I'm old I'll be the weird lady that offers free hats? You know I'm from Maine and I would see babies underdressed for frigid temps a lot. And being that cold just makes me hurt--I couldn't take it....

I suppose I agree with the rest of your list. Well, except a nice purple tinge to white hair might be pretty. lol

There's a lot I plan to do. Like sweep and do laundry for new mommies rather than offer to hold the baby.